Our Vision

Connect to Christ…

Connect to Each Other…

Connect to the Community…


Our Purpose

To know Jesus: A personal ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ is at the core of human existence – it is the meaning of life.

To make Jesus known: It is our privilege and responsibility to be turned “inside out” in such a way that we who know Jesus will actively make him known to others.

Our Values

A personal relationship with God: We value the need for a personal relationship with God, made possible through knowing Jesus, maintained by an ongoing experience of the power of the Holy Spirit and expressed in our heart worship.

The gift of prayer: We value the gift of prayer – a two way communication with God.

Opportunities for community: We value opportunities for community, which our church brings; we come to God personally but grow in Him relationally, within the environment of a loving and caring faith community.

Each individual’s contribution: We value each individual; the church is a ‘body’ in which each member has a part. We are equal in status as God’s children, different in function as God’s servants, according to our gifts both natural and spiritual.

An outward looking perspective: We value the idea of the church having an outward looking perspective; the church should operate as a positive springboard into the world rather than a negative oasis, removing us from it.

What we believe:

Please download our full doctrinal statement.



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