Our church’s mission statement is “Connect to Christ, Connect to each other, Connect to Community” therefore our small group system is geared to do exactly that,​CONNECT!​  This is where we get the term, “C-Groups”, short for Connect Groups.  C-Groups are set up in a semester style where there are Fall Semesters and a Spring Semesters.  Groups meet in homes throughout the community, throughout the week where strangers become friends, studies are discussed, stories are shared, prayers are made, and most of all understanding Gods Word a little more.  One of the unique things for our groups is each semester when you sign up for a group you may find yourself in a whole new group of people, making it where you are not “the new guy or gal” because in most cases you are all new to each other.  This way you are always making new friends, hearing new stories, and learning new perspectives.

Now that you know what C-Groups are all about, I pose the question,     
Will You Connect With Us? I hope so, because we are eager to meet you, see you next semester!!!!      
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Spring Semester
Fall Semester